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August 2016


Pearls of the Past- I

His Holiness Dr. Syedna Taher Saifuddin, (SA) a great poet in the Arabic language says, in praise of Maulatena Fatema, the daughter of the Prophet.    Maulatena Fatema, a most radiant lady was pious and immaculate. She was the beauty and the glow in…

August 30, 2016

Kitchen Fails

Once when I was home alone, I planned to make some chicken curry. I started with the recipe and it was my first time. I followed the recipe as shown on YouTube. All the ingredients were in the cooker as per the instructions. I…

August 30, 2016
Blog History

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA

Words Sakina N. Photograph Husain  The darkness All engulfing Our constant companion Seems to have fled In a sprint In a run It has taken cover For the light is coming The time for darkness Is over Our souls light And carefree Oh the joy…

August 28, 2016

Artist in Focus: Tasneem

Tasneem is a student of optometry. In the few minutes that I exchanged with her over call, her love for calligraphy was palpable. She’s always been fascinated by the calligraphy she’s seen in miqaats, on our flags, or behind Maula’s takhat. Needless to say…

August 21, 2016

Namaaz Deconstructed

Words Fatema  Photograph Sakina “Namaaz par! Nai pare to gunah thaase.” (Pray namaaz, or you’ll be punished.) “Oh no” my panicked 7 year old self thought. Maybe someone will steal Sasha (my bratz doll). “I could pray, or I could hide her behind the toilet…

August 21, 2016


Words Insiya K. Insiya. What can I say about Insiya?  She is the definition of charm, enthrallment and magic. Insiya. If I’m being overly honest, talkative is another term. Now THAT Insiya admits can be a bane. Her grandmother calls her the “bak-bak machine”. I…

August 21, 2016
The Girls


The urban dictionary defines the meaning of Fatema as: “A girl that enjoys being cool and rejects wannabes.” Although, very true, the definition is incomplete. Fatema is just a girl. This is the most refreshing thing about her. A conversation with Fatema is filled with nostalgia, innocence, curiosity,…

August 21, 2016
The Girls


Short and shy, I get nervous, I cry. Simple and stoned I live on my own. Quiet and quirky, Im a human so chirpy, Joyous and jolly A little rolly poly Now, You know me Bubbly, spirited and free. 😊…

August 21, 2016
The Girls


Part Introvert and Part Advocate, Alifiya Suterwala (Zakir) is like a unique blend of colours on a painter’s palette. She shies away from small talk and initiating conversations but given a subject matter which involves her favourite literature or films, endless conversations are guaranteed.…

August 21, 2016
Batulproffinal (1)
The Girls


Batul, bless her sweet soul, is a harbinger of peculiar muscle spasms. The Zygomaticus Major muscle in particular. Much like the botulinum toxin, her effect compels this muscle group to contract involuntarily forcing facial features to take on an outlook of what can be…

August 21, 2016