Sakina M. on #ridapride

August 2, 2016

Words Sakina M
Photograph Sakina K


The time before an exam is very nerve-racking. The nervousness and the anxiety eats me up. As I wasn’t really feeling well I decided to skip my usual makeup routine and I wore my favorite pink cupcake rida which instantly lightened my mood up. I revised my notes on the way to university and I felt so much more positive and prepared. After a while I headed towards the examination hall and while waiting for the gates to open someone behind me said how I look like a “hot air balloon” and how much better I would look without my rida. I really wanted him to have a piece of my mind but I refrained from answering back to him. I spent the entire night thinking about how rida shaming is a thing and how it can hurt someone’s sentiments. So dear rida shamers, here you go:

1. My rida may look like a “hot air balloon” but at least it covers me. But for you, nothing will ever cover your trashy personality.

2. I don’t wear my rida for anyone but Allah and the happiness of my Maula. I don’t judge those who don’t wear a rida, but I need to stand up for what I believe in.

3. My rida doesn’t cage my freedom. I can choose to show or hide parts of my body considering the type of people around. So please don’t tell me it limits my freedom and opportunities.

4. My rida isn’t uncomfortable. And if it makes you uncomfortable, deal with it. 

At the end of the day, wearing my rida gives me happiness and peace. My body does not define me. My mind does, My rida proves that. 

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