The Girls

Alifiya Z. – Art Director

August 21, 2016

Part Introvert and Part Advocate, Alifiya Suterwala (Zakir) is like a unique blend of colours on a painter’s palette. She shies away from small talk and initiating conversations but given a subject matter which involves her favourite literature or films, endless conversations are guaranteed.

She deciphers people like a computer code – strange yet part of a logical system and perhaps that is why her curiosity has flowed in to her works of art. Her subject matter is mostly people – an attempt to address or solve their intertwining complexities.

Her current short-term goal is to complete her long awaited driving license which she has been putting aside for other ‘priorities’ however given a choice she would rather be riding a horse in an open field. Her 3 day experience in a horse camp at the age of fourteen has encompassed her soul with amicable feelings with how the human soul reaches out to a living creature and forms a connection stronger than that with any material object.

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