The Girls

Fatema A. – Founder

August 21, 2016

The urban dictionary defines the meaning of Fatema as: “A girl that enjoys being cool and rejects wannabes.”

Although, very true, the definition is incomplete. Fatema is just a girl. This is the most refreshing thing about her. A conversation with Fatema is filled with nostalgia, innocence, curiosity, and excitement.

She may pose as an advocate for young girls but the reality is she is just a supporter of dreamers.

She will rave about her many dreams of scuba diving, a life filled with fluffy cats, and traveling the globe in style. She has a strong passion for yoga, art, and devouring delicious meals. Also, like many other Fatema’s she has an inexplicable fear of lizards and given her likelihood in battling one, her weapon of choice would be the jharroo [broom].

She recognizes and is open about her flaws and is thankful of her many blessings. She is consistently overflowing with energy and excitement and after a conversation with Fatema she will leave you bright eyed and curious.

Although she claims to love and enjoy a wide variety of things, after meeting her it is clear she only craves a good laugh.


Fatema graduated with a Bachelors in Business in 2016, and is currently pursuing her second Bachelors in Fine arts at the University of Arizona.

You can find her and her work on Instagram @cosmicweavers

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