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Maria S. – Managing Editor

August 21, 2016

Full of ideas and full of life – a self-employed English tutor, an entrepreneur of 2 businesses (@cementixx and, the Managing Editor of Mighzal and a budding learner of the French language and the game of chess! Basically, a woman curious to get her hands into as many chicken pot pies as she can because honestly, who doesn’t love pies?

As you can tell already, Maria has a many-sided character. Some days, she’s supercharged and efficient, and on other days, when Netflix gets in the way…not so much. However, she’s still someone you can always rely on to get the job done. She loves a lazy day on the beach but she also craves the thrill of an exciting adventure that might just involve jumping out of a plane. 

Maria is also someone who does not like to be pushed around. She knows the perfect balance between serious and funny. The best part about her is that she is so generous in forgiving. The easiest way to bribe her is with food and Nando’s or Philadelphia Cheesesteak will do just the trick. Maria is especially brilliant in her fiction writing and poetry. Sometimes, if not often, she gets a little impatient. She likes quick results in everything she does but the amazing part is that no matter how impatient she may be, she will still give her 100% in everything she does. She is a woman of her words and promises, never letting you down. Maria is and will always be the most fun, annoying and warmest person to be around.

However, the side of her that is the biggest and most permanent, is the one she is most grateful for and the one in which she has put all her faith, blindly and proudly into; her beloved Moula TUS. Without that, she is nothing. With that, she is everything. And that, is her fullest, truest and most self-actualised identity of who she is – a proud Mumina bairo, through and through! 


Maria graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Arts (English Linguistics).

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