The Girls

Zahabiya H. – Creative Director

August 21, 2016

There are many things about my wonderful friend that I could fill volumes talking about.

However, the word to me that best describes her is, fierce. Similar to passionate but not as soft, fierce is the right word.

She is fiercely loyal. Once decided, that bond of friendship and sisterhood she has made with you will cross oceans. There is no question of convenience or logistics, in one way or another she will be there for you exactly when you need her, in exactly the way you needed her. What a comfort to know that embrace is waiting for you.

She is fiercely perceptive. She feels things in a way I’ve never even realised. Like a colour of someone’s lipstick sparks a reaction in all her fibres and she appreciates the deepest pigment and the how the light reflects from the gloss. And with this perception comes appreciation for even the smallest things. Amantobillah and Alhumdolillah always.
So fierce is not her temperament, nor her personality. The ferocity is the force behind her emotions and actions.

Her ferocity in her belief is God, and our religion is her most outstanding feature, and I’ll tell you why. To believe in something wholeheartedly with complete faith, love and adoration must be the most soul liberating thing in the world. It shines out of her like moonbeams in the night and it has illuminated the darkness for so many of us so many times. A person who can have such faith to me shows me they stand for something, and so will fall for nothing, that is a person to hold onto.



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