Letter from the Founder

Letter from the Founder

August 23, 2016

Mighzal was initially my brainchild for an editorial design module, whereby I decided to use the opportunity to make a magazine catered to the millennials in our community- The Dawoodi Bohras; geared towards young women moving tradition forward, yet grounded strongly in their roots. The magazine had spreads on hipster-esque henna, poetry, Moroccan pattern inspired rida designs, the challenges of a Rida wearer, and finally a lookbook, showcasing ridas which shed the customary florals, lacing, and the like. The final product was met with great response, and having poured my heart and soul into it, I knew I wanted to take it forward. I didn’t quite know how just yet.

In the next year I carried on my personal art journey discovering my love for fashion illustrating. Within this interim I came across a lot of artists, writers and creators. Having thought I was the only one, I was pleasantly surprised. They were women from my masjid, my family, my friends, women I met during Ashara as well as aspiring artists I stumbled across on Instagram. That’s when I realized- there was no platform for us like-minded designers within the community to come together. To share and celebrate our work.

Mighzal was it. It fit in just right.

Having realized the difficult logistics that come with publishing, selling and distributing a magazine, a website seemed more viable. I dove right in. I brought on board four wonderful young women, to help piece the rest in. Along the way it dawned on us that Mighzal could be so much more.

Within a lifetime we live a hundred stories- and more. Sadly when we see people from our community, it is usually in the framework of the masjid. Outside our small friend circles, our stories are lost. Be it our adventures, battles, shortcomings, triumphs. Mufaddal Maula said in his waaz in the Ashara of 1437H:

It is difficult to live in so many different places and amongst so many different people, and yet preserve your culture. But you (Mumineen) are able to do this and remain united…

What started out as a prospective business, has turned into a passion project borne of curiosity, creativity and an eagerness to learn. This website is an attempt to shine light on our stories.

Our adventures, battles, shortcomings, and triumphs.

For we are covered, but not bound.

Khuda Muffadal Maula ni umar ne daraaz karjo. 

Amate Syedna,


  • Reply Fatema Kapadia October 8, 2020 at 2:43 am

    Hello bhen , I am so impressed by your work and the content it holds.
    I want to contribute to it too.
    How can I?

    • Reply Mighzal October 9, 2020 at 3:43 am

      Hello! Please email us at write@mighzal.com
      We also put out writing calls every month, our next one will be in December! Please keep an eye out on our Instagram page @mighzal to see the topics, and instructions for submission.

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