Why do I cry?

September 29, 2016

Words Insiyah Bensaab Tamim Bhaisaab
Illustration Fatema A.

Insiyah Bensaab resides in Mumbai, which is also her favoritest place to be. She longs to have the ability to teleport from one place to another without the hassle of vehicles. She detests incompetence in work. If she were to author a book, the title would be: Paradise Lost, Paradise Found. And when asked about her most prized possession and her legacy she responded with- “My son…also my son.”

Insiyah Bensaab Tamim Bhaisaab
Al Jamea tus Saifiyah, Mumbai


Why do I cry?
Do I cry because I should?
Do I cry because I must?
Do I cry because I need to?

Why do I need to cry?
Who do I cry for?
Do I cry for myself?

I cry when I fall
I cry when my fears haunt me
I cry when I am broken and alone
I cry when my dreams are shattered
I cry stuck in life’s shackles

Do I cry for being here?
Why am I here?
Where should I be?
How do I get there?
Who am I?

I cry as I don’t know what to do
I cry because I am lost
Where am I going?

Maula beckons me
Ashara beckons me
My identity beckons me

Cry because you should not be here
Cry because you seek forgiveness from yourself and from Allah
Cry for our Maula Imam Husain (AS) who gave up everything to show you the way
Cry for Shohodaa (AS), cry for Ahlul Bait (AS)
Cry for Zainab (AS) who witnessed the sacrifice of Husain (AS), and endured every possible pain
Cry and it will make you strong
Cry with each and every atom in your body
Cry and you will find your way

Maulaya Maulaya I cry for thee
With my burdens I come to thee
I mourn for thee
I grieve for thee
I wail for thee

You are forever there for me
Guide me
One tear
Will open all doors for me


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