Ashara 1438H

Anecdote 4: Mariya Q. (Bhopal)

September 30, 2016


Ashara Mubaraka – an event of a lifetime. We wait an entire year just to observe ourselves indulge into ilme-aale-mohammad and acquire knowledge to purify our souls for Aakherat.

Many years back, I got the opportunity or rather, toufiq, to attend Ashara Waaz with Muqaddas Maula in Mumbai. During that time, my husband and I were staying in Dubai and I was working in a school there. Coinciding with Ashara, the school had an ongoing ‘Knowledge and Human Development Authority’ inspection week, where we teachers were not even excused for a sick leave. I was terrified to ask my head of section to grant me leave. My colleague discouraged me too. However, with Vasila-e-Panjatan, Imam Az Zaman and the kind blessings of Maula Mohammad Burhanuddin, together with my husband’s support and motivation, I gathered the courage to explain to the Headmistress the importance of Ashara. At first, she was a bit confused and asked, “Why is it important to go to India, can’t you attend it here?” I was continuously reciting Maula’s name inside my heart. And with Maula’s vasilo, despite her doubts, she accepted my leave application. This made me cry out of joy and all the other teachers were shocked when I told them about it.

This incident will always remain in my heart and memory forever- this mojiza of Maula.

The Noorani kalemaat, dua and bayan we get to hear from Maula about our glorious 1400 years of history compels me to reach for waaz before time. I don’t miss a single moment.

The events of Karbala are such that until the day of Qiyamat,waters of divine knowledge will continue to flow from it and thousands of souls will be able to quench their thirst. Imam Husain AS’s zikr energizes us for the maatam and lament upon Imam Husain AS which ultimately grants us the joy of Najaat (salvation).

Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS is Imam Az Zaman’s loyal & faithful steed who is carrying us in the direction of spiritual well-being, culminating in us, reaching the khidmat of Imam Az Zaman. May Allah Taala grant our beloved Maula a long prosperous life until the day of Qiyamat. May he continue to shine like a brilliant star and quench our thirst with the water of Ilme-aale-Mohammed.

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