Ashara 1438H

Anecdote 5: Mohammed H.R. (Mumbai)

September 30, 2016

Before taking a sip of water

Remember the 7th of مهرم

Remember the scorching heat of كربلاء

Remember the hands raised towards the sky praying for a drop of water

Remember the tear of امام حسين falling on the hot sand of كربلاء

Remember the dry throat of علي اصغر

Remember the sacrifice of عباس for a drop of water.

Remember the last night when امام حسين prayed for us.

Remember the patience of امام حسين when he must have seen عباس fallen on the ground with a مشكي in his mouth.

Remember the day when امام حسين sacrificed himself for us.

Remember the land of كربلاء stained with the blood of امام حسين

Remember the thirst of امام حسين

Remember امام حسين in every sip of water flowing down your throat

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