Ashara 1438H

Ashara Anecdote 1- Hussein B. (London)

September 30, 2016

Growing up in today’s day and age, a lot of emphasis and importance is given to education. Whether it be school, college or university, we are repeatedly told to sacrifice all else because only with a good degree can we get anywhere in life. This mindset is drilled into us from an early age.

I agree with the concept that education is crucial, but what happens when this conflicts with religious priorities? With Ashara?  

I was studying Economics and Finance at Brunel University, London, a course known to be incredibly difficult, 100% exam based – whereby you are only given one opportunity to maximize your marks. If you fail or retake any, you are capped to achieving a maximum of 40%.

I was in my final year and the exam timetable was released. I had an exam on Ashura no din. What do I do? I was torn between deen and duniya- the only thought was Maula TUS who says, “Deen ane duniya sathe lai ne chalo.”

My first reaction was to check timings and see if I could adjust my schedule, attend my exam and the waaz. Unfortunately, I had to choose.

My next thought was, Ashara will come again next year, however, this exam is now and my degree rests on it. If I skip, it’ll ruin my chances of achieving a first class honour. Can I afford to sacrifice 15 years of hard work through school, sixth form and now university?

For the first few days I was lost, though I was leaning towards missing Ashara and attending my exam for fear of failing.

However Maula is Maula. When Maula sits on the takhat in waaz  with that zeal and mesmerizing presence and says, “Mumineen tame koi fikar na karo, meh chu, itmenaan si ro.” These are words chosen by our Father telling us not to worry about anything in this world, for he has the power to change our lives with just one look. He is worried about us more than we could ever be, and he doesn’t only worry about where we end up in this life but the life hereafter.

I took a leap of faith and confidently answered the call of Ashura. Imam Husain sacrificed everything for our existence, nothing can possibly compare to that.

I missed my exam and received 0% for that exam. There was a very narrow chance I could achieve my first class honour. I wasn’t worried though. In my mind, I had accepted the fact that I had made the right decision and I could live with a 2.1 grade. 

I thought my exams didn’t go amazingly well. Yet when I received my final grade- I was shocked. I had a First Class Honours degree! It was unbelievable. 

I know it wasn’t me who achieved that, but rather it was Maula TUS’s dua and the barakat I received from attending Ashara.

For those who are on the fence or weighing their priorities in life, or are worried about education, livelihood, burden of responsibilities; don’t  be. Hamara bawa shafeeq Mufaddal Maula haazir che. Confidently answer his call for Ashara and leave anything you’re worried about in his hands. Then you will also come to realise, as I did, that nothing compares to what Maula TUS can give us.

Khuda taala Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Moula Saifuddin ni umar sharif, Imam Husain nu matam baqi che, wahan lag, baaqi ane baaqi raakhe!


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