My Maula by Durriyah A. S.

December 8, 2016

Words Durriyah Ben A. S.
Illustration Alifiya Z. 


Can it be three years

Since you have passed?

The tears have not stopped

The yearning has not ceased.

Every morning I awaken

Hoping to hear your news.

Every night I go to bed

Praying you will come

In my dreams.

A lump in my throat

Tells me you are no more

But I feel you

Your love in every morsel

That I eat every day.

Your guidance shows me

The way.

Like a beacon

Your smile

Illuminates my path.

My Maula Mohammed

Your love is personified

In Maula Mufaddal.

Every day

In every way

My Maula is always

With me.

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