January 31, 2017

Words Sakina N.  
Illustration Fatema A.



Appears in the briefest of places

A glimmer

A sparkle

Nothing definite

Yet certain


Some say it’s fleeting

But is it so

Perhaps it’s what we choose

To see

To believe

That changes our perception of hope


It’s all around us

In a budding flower

Going against the odds

Despite the persistence of rain to stay a bay

Hope you see

Is quite obviously there


In the darkest of nights

The shine of stars are exemplified

How peculiar you might say

That the darkness

Exaggerates the light


Perhaps now we understand

That to see hope

We first have to go through the darkness

Let it engulf us whole

Then only will we see


What we truly wish to see

We yearn to see

Blatantly obvious in fairy tales

But now we have a chance too


Hope it’s all there

You’ve just got to believe

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