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Ashara 1439H – Photography

September 17, 2017

The tragedy of Imam Husain is an omnipresent and evergreen zikr for every age – from birth to the death of universe. Just as it is a zikr for every age – from birth to death of every mumin and muminah.
These submissions epitomise how the zikr of Husain is brimming in our very souls, and inevitably pours out through every mode of expression, be it a stroke of a brush or click of a shutter.

Murtaza Vora

Imam Hussain nu gham ane buka aa andheri duniya ma noor ni misal che.

Imam Hussain nu gham is like the light in this dark world.



Sakeenah H Numberdar

Al Dai& Al Ajal Syedna Idrees Imadudin RA farmave che:

حزن عذاب جوانحي و فؤادي • واسال دمعي مثل فيض الوادي
بكت السماء عليه و الدنيا معا • والجن في الاهضاب و الاطواد

Ek Huzun che je mara dil ane mara javanah ne piglavi
dida che. Ane mara aansu ne selaab ni misal jaari kida.
Aasmano aap na upar roya, duniya roy, ane jinn bhi
paharo ma ane medaan ma roy rahya che.



Salma Khokhar

Je misal aa mishqaat Maula na Ali (A.S.) na naam ne zaahir ma laave che, ej misal aa Moharram na dino ma apna Aqa Maula (T.U.S), Imam Hussain  (S.A.) ane Ehlul bait zikar kari ne apni arwa ne roshan kare che.


Je misal yaha Imam Hussain SA na  naam kabeer huroof si lakhwa ma aaya che, ye misal aap no gam apan na dil ma sagla si zyaada makaan hasil kare, ye apno ikhlaas che.
Me maaru ohbat nu experience potray karu chu jema mein ye pehli waar as a zaakereen shaamil thai , ane apna salaam ane qaseeda parhi ne , je Rasulallah S.A farmave che – ” Man baka au abka au tabaka alal hussain” em amal kari ne maara ane waha maujood sagla na dil ne ghanu sukoon pohchayu.



Murtaza Husain Sharbat



Zahabiyah Bhujwala

Huzn and Sorrow though translated makes the same word go in two different meanings, Sorrow goes towards darkness, void and destruction where as Huzn gives hope, makes you look for the light trapped in the grief and a place where the void is replaced by the emotions that will remain green forever like the plants that take over abandoned places to define the beauty of something filled even when empty! The same is what goes for Huzn it gives one beauty (noor), for Huzn is the plant taking over the empty hearts and mind filled with worry and sorrow replacing it with shukr and taqwa.



Hussein Essaji



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