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“Auburn in Autumn” – Pantone’s Top 10 Colours For Spring 2017

October 21, 2017

Words Sakina N.  
Digital Art Alifiya S


I absolutely love the arts, specifically the Italian Renaissance, have a love – hate relationship with the Arabic language and am extremely passionate about stickers, socks, animals and plants!

Pantone’s top 10 colours for spring 2017 has been described as “a mixture of vitality, relaxation and the great outdoors”. Though this is undoubtedly true, the names of each of these colours – Primrose Yellow, Pale Dogwood, Hazelnut, Island Paradise, Greenery, Flame, Pink Yarrow, Niagara, Kale and Lapis Blue – trigger images that are, surprisingly, not centred on colour. Instead, they entice your imagination, willing your mind to think of fantastical scenes where the colours are physical beings. Each name triggers an experience, transporting the reader to a realm where reality fuses with the imagined. Therefore, as colours, they do reflect spring but their names describe an untold narrative, one that can only be accessed through your imagination, emotion and experiences.

As such, the following poems reflect my initial responses to some of these colours and their names. They are an amalgamation of the products of an overactive imagination, adult-ing experiences (*cough cough*) and a head that is continuously in the clouds.

Pantone’s Top 10 Colours for Spring 2017

Primrose Yellow:


What a strange word

And an even weirder name


What could it mean?

Yes a flower

But what sort?


Maybe a relation

To the rose

One that’s




And awfully proper


Pale Dogwood:


It can’t be

Not pasty


Definitely not

Maybe pastel

Like fairy floss



And fluffy

But wait


Where’s the dog

Has he gone

Forever lost


To the woods

Destined for nothing

But knighthoods



Eyes closed

Smile on

I imagine


That perfect spread

Its exquisite texture

And delectable taste


So easy

So smooth

So irresistibly good






What would

My bread be

Without you?




Heaps and heaps

Of it



Of a cliff

In torrents and sheets


The sunlight

Makes it sparkle

And twinkle


Transforming it

From colourless

To aquamarine


Where the colours

The blues and the greens

And everything in between


Are married

In perfect






It can’t be


That green

And leafy



The one

In smoothies

And drinks


Those ghastly

Morbid looking



They make

Me queasy

Please stop


No more

It’s simply



Lapis Blue:

They hail

From the caves

Of Afghanistan



In their hues

And price tags


Only the wealthiest

Of patrons

Could commission them at all


We see them now

In paintings

From the Renaissance


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