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“Books” – Fluttering Friends

November 2, 2017

Words Sakina M. 
Digital Art Alifiya S. 


Sakina Behn is a student currently living in New Jersey, USA. Creator of @rida.apparel, she hopes to inspire behno with her love for fashion. Her immense passion for art, literature, politics, and fashion shape her identity as a global citizen. The name Sakina means peace, and this is the philosophy Sakina Behn lives by through her personal life and world views.

Theme Foreword:

BOOKS. There are so many amazing things that have been written about the wonder and the value of reading. But this month we’re going to add to that catalogue because it is incumbent on us to appreciate what we have even when others may already have done so. There’s a lot to appreciate; a cure for depression, a source of wisdom and the most elusive yet approachable record of human experience, books are, well, they’re ok.

We’re kicking off with a description of books as friends.

A friend, and like all friends should be, she is empowering. So much so, that when I’m with her, it’s as if a wanderer has found a home. Her name is “Milk and Honey”.

You know that friend that says such profound things out of nowhere? It seems strange at first, but in the end, you feel wiser than you were before. I have a friend like that as well – “Five People You Meet In Heaven”

Ah then there are those rare gems, the ones filled with passion in their eyes, but softness in their hearts. You can’t help but be in awe of their beauty. His name is “And The Mountains Echoed”

Now, as is usual with all social interaction, my friends have come and gone. Some were frankly boring, others just didn’t vibe with me, but these three gems will remain.

I made a friend recently, named “The Metaphysical Club”. Her passion is analyzing how philosophers transformed the US from ideas of metaphysics to pragmatism starting from the Civil War. Yeah, I’m afraid as interesting as she is, our relationship won’t last long.

There are many kinds of friends out there – goofy, serious, sad, entertaining, fascinating, geeky, some are out of this world. Dear reader, I hope you find yours.


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