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Reading Slump Recommendations

November 2, 2017

Words Ruqaiyah K. (ruqkishreads)
Illustration Fatema A. (cosmicweavers)


If you’re an avid reader like me you must have come across the dreadful dark abyss that is the reading slump; a period of time where you just can’t seem to read. You try, but nothing sticks and your mind wanders off. It happens for reasons I do not understand and it happens to the best of us. Now while different people have different coping mechanisms, the only way I get out of a reading slump is by reading. Here are 7 books that have helped me get out of a reading slump. They’re all super quick reads with writing styles that will suck you in from page one. 


Wonder – R. J. Palacio

My first pick is Wonder. It has always been on top of my list when people ask for a light read or something to begin the reading journey with. It revolves around a boy, Augustus, who has a serious facial deformity. If you think it’s going to be sad, it’s not. Auggie is pretty funny, and despite the seriousness of his illness, his self-deprecating humour makes this book so enjoyable. It’s a beautiful book and is extremely fast paced, which makes it perfect reading slump material.


A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness

Patrick Ness is a terrific writer. While I might not have loved some of his stories, I am a huge fan of his writing style. Every time I pick up one of his books, I never have to make an effort to concentrate, I get sucked into the story right away. A Monster Calls is a story about a boy who’s visited by a monster every night, but he isn’t afraid because he’s seen worse. The beauty of this book is in the metaphors and literature nerds like me will absolutely love it. It is also a super short read, so if you feel like you can’t read anything right now, pick this up. It’ll barely take you two hours to finish it, I promise.


Not If I See You First – Eric Lindstorm

This book is definitely in my top ten for this year. It revolves around a blind girl and her relationship with her friends and family. Parker Grant is the sassiest, smartest and the most realistically flawed character that I have ever read. This was an extremely well-written book, it was funny and relatable and the smooth writing made for a quick read. 


A Man Called Ove – Fredrick Backman

This book hit me right in the feels. It made me laugh and cry and left me with all these warm, fuzzy feelings. A Man Called Ove is a book about a grumpy old man, who has a problem with everything and everyone and is always complaining. Ove is not a very likeable character but he touched my heart in his own way. I absolutely loved this book and I believe everyone should read it once in their life. 


One True Loves – Taylor Jenkins Reid

Now while this book may fall into the romance category, I believe it had more to offer than just that. The story revolves around Emma, whose husband is declared dead after he goes missing in a helicopter accident. Three years later, Emma, now engaged to someone else gets a call from her husband saying “he is coming home.” I loved Taylor’s writing, I loved how she dealt with grief, I loved her understanding that the only way forward is to pick up your broken pieces and build a new person entirely. It’s a fast-paced and beautifully written book that captures human sentiments very accurately.


Finding Audrey – Sophie Kinsella

This is one of the most underrated Sophie Kinsella book I’ve ever come across. Finding Audrey deals with a girl who has some serious social anxieties. She wears dark glasses even inside the house ’cause she has trouble making eye contact. It is the story of Audrey finding her way back to the real world but it is also a story about a loud, crazy family that argue all the time but love each other nonetheless. It’s a heart-warming book with hilarious moments. Definitely recommend you to pick this up.


The Sun Is Also A Star – Nicola Yoon

This was a super short book that I read and finished in one sitting. It revolves around the life of immigrants in America, the cultural diversity between the two lead protagonists and the theory of love at first sight. There may not be a solid plot but I really love this book for the way it’s written. These I believe are not only reading slump books but also books to begin reading with, most of my favourites are on the list. They’re short and easy with some beautiful life changing stories.

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