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“Books” – GRAPHENE and its similarity to BOOKS

November 23, 2017

Words Sakina N.  
Digital Art Alifiya S


I absolutely love the arts, specifically, the Italian Renaissance, have a love-hate relationship with the Arabic language and am extremely passionate about stickers, socks, animals and plants!

Books for me have always been a source of solace. They are dependable and stable, providing the perfect escape from tumultuous and emotional times. No matter the grievance, books always seem to hold the answer. They provide an alternate ending that perhaps life can never give, encouraging the reader to believe in a world where love always wins, where magic never dies and where happiness exists singularly, without the juxtaposition of sadness.

The words are dependable, always channelling altering meanings that invoke the reader’s imagination. For centuries books have been prized, from the time of the Mughals where texts were highly coveted to modern day collections. They have been and still continue to be one of the principal methods for transmitting knowledge, making them essential in the education of future generations.

Whilst books contain pages upon pages of beautifully crafted sentences, graphene consists of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice, making the two vastly different, yet similar.

Although graphene has no part to play in the enlightenment of children, it does have properties that can be paralleled to those of books. Like books, graphene is extremely strong, becoming the most stable in molecules that are larger than 24,000 atoms. As a basic structural element, it strengthens other allotropes such as graphite. Whilst books transmit knowledge, catalysing thoughts that entice the imagination, graphene efficiently conducts both heat and electricity. Therefore, they can both be viewed as key factors which lead to transformations; books aid in the moulding of innovative ideas and the structure of graphene determines the chemical and physical properties of graphite.

Though books might provide an entrance into an alternate world, when viewed in conjunction with reality, their diversity is magnified. They not only entice the reader’s imagination but also connect a lattice of themes and subjects.

Perhaps then, that is the beauty and magnificence of books, it is not only a portal but a link, bridging the gap between the different, bringing us one step closer to a hopeful and better world.


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