Guidelines for Artists

November 25, 2017

Thank you for showing interest!


These roles serve as a platform to showcase talented, established and/or upcoming artists in the Dawoodi Bohra community. We hope to bring you as varied work as possible. Fine artists, photographers, calligraphers, digital artists, illustrators, and hopefully a lot more. Please be mindful that all work submitted is subject to a panel review. Thank you for understanding. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind!


Positions Available:

We currently offer two roles to artists and designers:

1. Header Artist:

The artists/photographers contribute pieces that accompany our headers- either making new ones or giving us from their existing body of work. All types of artists are welcome to apply! Photographers, Illustrators, Calligraphers. Artists that work with both traditional and digital mediums.

2. Designer:

The design team is responsible for the visuals that we put out primarily on instagram. The team works together on an online platform to put together calls for writing submissions, creating instagram post layouts to share new pieces that have gone up on the blog and helping with the aesthetics. We need people who have experience in the graphic design arena, and an aesthetic that matches with Mighzal.


How to Apply:

Title your email ‘Artist – Your name – Position you are interested in

Eg. Artist – Sarrah K. – Design Team’

Tell us a little bit about yourself, tell us a little bit about your preferred medium/s and if you have done any similar work in the past for any other publication. If you have not, that is fine too!

Attach photos of work, or links to your social media, or any other online space where you may share your work.

Email your work to:



We will revert in 5 to 7 working days.



If we like what you do and we feel it aligns with Mighzal’s aesthetic, welcome to the team!

For Header Artists:

We work with our artists on a rotation and you will be expected to design a header to accompany a blog piece once every two, or even three months. We will email you your blog piece and you will have 2 weeks to design a header and send it back to us. Do show us drafts/ work in progress whenever possible so we can provide you feedback. The dates will vary month to month, but we will highlight them very clearly in the email when we send you the blog piece, and will send timely reminders leading up to your deadline.

For Design Team:

The work the design team does spans 2 weeks, and is a monthly commitment. There are multiple people on the team and we work in tandem to keep the work load low for each individual. If there is ever a month where you are not able to dedicate as much time, worry not, we are incredibly flexible and will work it out!


P.S. An artist is always on an ongoing journey, with no destination. There is always something new to try, new to do. Don’t be disheartened if you weren’t chosen to be on the team. There’ll be a lot more opportunities in the future. Just keep at it. Your journey- it’s for yourself and yourself alone. When you find your strength, your niche, people WILL start taking notice. Till then- just keep swimming <3



The Mighzal Team

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