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November 25, 2017
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Thank you for showing interest!


Purpose of the Blog:

The blog is the crux of the whole website. A space for people to come tell us their unique stories- through written word. We want it to be as varied as possible in terms of the topics. From the most minuscule of things to the gravest. This is where we want people to connect with one another, and it’s very crucial that whatever we post has a purpose behind it. Please be mindful that all work submitted is subject to a panel review. Work will only be featured if decided by the panel. Thank you for understanding. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind!



If you are submitting a guest post for the month’s theme,

Title your email ‘Theme of Month – Guest Post – Your name

Eg. ‘FOOD – Guest Post – Sarrah K.’

Send in a Google Docs with shared access to us so that we can edit it.

Make sure to title your piece at the top of the piece.

(You can email us beforehand if you are interested to know what the month’s theme is.)


If you are submitting an open piece,

Title your email ‘Open Piece – Your name’ Eg. ‘Open Piece – Sarrah K.’

Send in a Google Docs with shared access to us so that we can edit it.

Make sure to title your piece at the top of the piece.



Once we let you know that your work will be featured, bear in mind the following:



We prefer bite-sized pieces, because really, who has the attention span anymore? We are looking at 100-600 words. This can be in any style- poetry, short stories, or just honest blog write-ups. Be mindful to not add any personal details as this is a public website.

Don’t fret though if it’s longer. If it’s a good, strong piece, it won’t matter. This is just a rough framework and would make it slightly easier for us to review and post.



We accept pieces in English or English-Lisan.



We would appreciate a thoroughly revised draft. It only means it goes up sooner. We will go through it as a panel before making that decision. Hold tight.


P.S. The purpose of the blog is to share YOUR stories- experiences unique to you. So avoid preachiness at all costs. We at Mighzal are allergic to preaching and fluffiness. We want raw, genuine, honest write-ups that will leave readers in awe- not rolling their eyes.


P.P.S. A writer is always on an ongoing journey, with no destination. There is always something new to try, new to do. Don’t be disheartened if your work wasn’t chosen to be featured. There’ll be a lot more opportunities in the future. Just keep at it. Your journey- it’s for yourself and yourself alone. Till then- just keep swimming <3



The Mighzal Team

Disclaimer: The panel reserves the right to edit or reject any submitted articles or pieces of literature. Any submissions published on Mighzal may be taken down at any time without prior notice. We retain the right not to entertain any query towards any decision taken by the Mighzal panel on any submissions.

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  • Reply Alifia Bhol November 27, 2017 at 10:20 am

    Would like to contribute a write up for the blog. What is the email id to be sent on?

    • Reply Maria Yusuf November 28, 2017 at 2:20 pm


      You can send in your piece to 🙂

      The Mighzal Team

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