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December 2017

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“Food” – Movies and Food

Words Zahabiyah A.   Digital Art Sakina K. Certain movies call for certain treats to fully enjoy the experience; the themes you see and hear resemble what is being fed to your other senses and the experience is well worth the effort to get it right. Here’s…

December 29, 2017
Guest Blog

From Robot to Human

Words Arwah P.   Digital Art T.S.Caligraphy While living in the most advanced era known to mankind, man has transformed himself into robots. We live each day with a scientifically perfected routine- each act programmed with intricate algorithms made from our inner thoughts and outer turmoil. The…

December 27, 2017
Core Blog

“Food” – Food Is Bae

Words Mubaraka H.   Digital Art Alifiya S. ‘Food, huh?’ this little brain inside my stomach blobs into a twisted array when somebody tells me that food is not their bae.   Oh I wish you could see how cheddar cheese in all its golden glory oozing…

December 22, 2017
Guest Blog

“Food” – More than Malt

Words Arwa H.   Digital Art Maria Y. Malt used to mean something different. A drink from the Murree Brewery, peach and strawberry being the most sublime of them all. Malt came to mean Milo. That grainy, chocolate-y powder that was supposed to be mixed in milk…

December 19, 2017

In Conversation with the Artists of Anwar al Funun

In conversation with Artists of Anwaar al Funun. Interview by Fatema A. Today we invite you to meet some of the brilliant artists behind the artist’s feature, and learn about further about their installations at the Anwaar exhibit in Karachi. Zaenab Bensaab Imaduddin The Yemeni Collection…

December 16, 2017
Core Blog

“Food” – The Fuel That Feeds Us

Words Batul S.   Digital Art Sakina K. Batul S., bless her sweet soul, is a harbinger of peculiar muscle spasms. Bubbly, bouncy and of course, beautiful, the ‘B’ words that make her and her name. Fuel is generally any material that reacts with oxygen to release…

December 16, 2017
Guest Blog

“Food” – Guest Post

Words Mubaraka H.   Digital Art Fatema A (cosmicweavers). When I hear ‘food’, I typically remember my mom yelling from the kitchen to tell us that lunch/dinner was ready. It’s funny how I associate food with my mom and not with hunger. What does food mean to us?…

December 9, 2017
Core Blog

“Food” – A Mumin Foodie’s Guide to NYC

Words Asma G.   Digital Art Alifiya S. Bostonian. Epidemiologist. Mehndi Artist. Photographer. Wife. Daughter. Sister. I like to believe I am a jack of all trades… and master of some. 😉 Theme Foreword:  Food is such a big deal to us mooms (mumins of course!). Culturally,…

December 8, 2017
Guest Blog

Sitting Next To The Hearth

Words Amatullah Z.   Photograph Google.  Amatullah is a theoretical physicist specializing in stellar astrophysics and cosmology, official international Book Fairy (@bookfairies_ke), Sam Kean and Sherlock fanatic and dabbler in the arts of philosophy. She lives on coffee and science, although she is hoping to try out…

December 7, 2017


Photography and Words Alifiya S. Gently swaying in the wind, a flower came to rest on my palm. Upon close examination, this delicate flower had a pale pink pigment in comparison to the vividly coloured flowers I was used to seeing back in my country. Curious,…

December 6, 2017