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“View From My Window” – Juxtaposition

February 17, 2018

Words and Photograph Arwa A.  


Succumbing slowly to sheer neglect,

Dull, dry and shrunken –

I gave up on hope and you; on life.

I chanced a look outside and saw,

Such lush a blanket beneath,

So spurred I was to restore life.

Then akin to a frantic devotee’s care,

A sudden burst of tender green!

Soothed and renewed – you sprung to life!

As I watched with glistening eye,

A foliage of hope pierced the gloom –

Withered juxtaposed with the promise of new life!

A lesson so profound – Oh Mighty Man!

The simple magic of tender loving care –

Yes, even you can offer the gift of life!

Headlights glare, horns blare, motorists speed by,

Callous stare and brush-offs by passers-by.

They say for dogs, not humans the city sidewalks are –

Being human barely suffices – never mind the scar.

What would it be like to dwell in a place called home,

In a world so vast, I long for – a little space my own.

Set out from my tiny hamlet with hopes of a better life,

A peaceful slumber is all I ask, amidst the daily strife.

Shunned as the clutter on urban streets – such is my plight!

Dreams and even lives get trampled in the dark of night.

So does every drunk, dogma or dog surpass being human?

Shrinking from life, how truly I wish – we’d learn being human[e].


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