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March 2018

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Words Zahabiya.   Digital Art Sakina K. Good habits are, as I’m sure you’ll agree, hard to make and easy to break. I don’t have children, but I understand it’s even harder to get kids to make them. By that logic, I suppose it’s even harder to…

March 25, 2018
Children, our future
Guest Blog

Children – Our Future, Our Legacy

Words Arva M.   Photograph Alifiya S. 

For many of us, our children made our lives more purposeful, gave us direction and for all of us they brought immense joy. Parents give birth to a child and the child gives birth to her parents. It thus follows…

March 22, 2018
We will meet again

Fiction – ‘We will meet again’

Words Sakeenah N.   Digital Art Sakina K. Prologue -11.02 19th July- He said, ‘I want you to disappear.’ I said, ‘I believe we will meet again. Even if you don’t.’ He said, ‘This could have been true. But I don’t care’ I said, ‘It doesn’t matter,…

March 20, 2018
Guest Blog

Historian in a Rida

Words Arwa H.   Digital Photograph Alifiya S. I was the last one in my school grade to start wearing a rida, with none of my school friends wearing one to school. Amma gave me a choice; knowing the issues teenage girls already have, that I could…

March 20, 2018