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April 2019

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White Shoes by Eva Gonzales

Words Sherebanu Y.   Header Credits Google. Nombre de la jour – 13                                  Date – Samedi le 13em Février, 1869                  Time – 1630h           Nom – Eva Carola Jeanne Emmanuela Antoinette Gonzalès It all began with the shoes. It was the same day that he had asked…

April 25, 2019
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Maternal Kiss by Mary Cassatt

Words Zahra K.   Header Credits Google. To my daughter, The apple of my eyes, my sunshine. When you came into this world I wanted to protect you with all I had. Those tiny eyes beaming at me with love, little fingers hands and feet, you were…

April 13, 2019
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Etel Adnan

Words Zahabiya.   Header Credits Google. The problem was that it was in a square and quite a popular one at that. It wasn’t like in a restaurant, or a concert or even a church – most public places involved an element of either sitting down or…

April 7, 2019