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#hermitheroes – Dear Diary

July 11, 2020

Words Farida S.
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Day 1: I’m going to be confined to my home, they say a dangerous virus is spreading! My daughter is twelve years old. I need to protect her, what will I do, how will I manage? I was going to go on holiday! All my plans have to be cancelled! This is unbelievable!

Day 5: Things have calmed down a bit, we are receiving huge food kits. This nemat brightens my outlook. I enjoy cooking! It’s been a while and the family is pleasantly surprised. I’d forgotten how much fun cooking could be. So many new things to try and learn.

Day 7: We are maintaining social distancing. We are washing our hands regularly. We are healthy. Alhamdulillah! My home looks cleaner. The maid never cleans like me. I am super-mom! I can do this!

Day 8: I’m staying in touch with my family and friends from all over the world. Usually I only have time for cursory greetings. I’m bonding with a few people. We are sharing recipes, pictures. I’m learning so much about cooking and about my friends too!

Day 10: I’m prone to unhappy thoughts today. Feeling a little despondent. Decided to use creativity to lift my mood. Painting the walls is a lot of fun. The little one got involved too. The hall looks nicer and I’m feeling much better.

Day 12: I’m cooking all the meals, trying new recipes and it’s a great way to teach my little girl. The result is lots of laughter and delicious food. I’m feeling extra charged, this time we are painting the bedroom wall!

Day 15: No masjid this year, what will it feel like? All alone with just the family? The kit arrived with so much stuff! How blessed we are…shukur shukur shukur.

Day 25: We turned the living room into a praying room. Bukhur, bright lights, the beautiful clear sounds of Azan and Dua. It feels different but it feels like Sherullah al Mozzam. Online sabaq, Majlis, Tilawat e Quran Majeed, Surat Tafheem. More barakaat filling my home. I am so thankful.

Day 30: We are slowly but surely getting there. A new appreciation for all the nemat, understanding how adaptable we can be, if only we give ourselves a chance.

I can only conclude that because of the saya Mubarak of our Bawa shafeeq – Aqa Maula Syedna Aaliqadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS, we are in Amaan doing ibadat. Aqa Maula TUS has turned every home into a masjid.

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