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August 2020

Guest Blog

Part VII – Ohbat Out of the Box

Words Nafeesa M.    Header Credits Zainab K. OUT OF LOVE Love, passion, is a concept that can seldom be defined. It begins where the reach of words ends. Love can be perceived as always wanting to be united, becoming one with the beloved through every means;…

August 17, 2020
Guest Blog

Part VI – Ohbat Out of the Box

Words Murtaza A.    Header Credits Ruqaiya K. (@rkphotography53) SCRIBBLES WITH PURPOSE – My guide to better note taking during Ashara Rasulullahsaw counsels “retain ilm [in your heart] by writing it down”.  Listening to Moula’s Waaz is like trying to download the vast knowledge of the Universe into my…

August 17, 2020
Guest Blog

Part V – Ohbat Out of the Box

Words Zainab S.     Header Credits Alifiya S. The beginning of a new year.  As we approach Ashara Mubaraka 1442H, nostalgia is kicking in. Every year, we would prepare ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually for the Majalis of Imam Hussain AS. The rush of excitement and curiosity…

August 16, 2020
Guest Blog

Part IV – Ohbat Out of the Box

Words Murtaza D. Header and Photo Credits Murtaza D. (@murtazadaud) Photographs, whether still or in motion, have the ability to move a person. Emotionally and physically. For the past 2 years, I have been consciously documenting my Ashara Mubaraka experiences. I shoot a few rolls of…

August 15, 2020
Guest Blog

Part III – Ohbat Out of the Box

Words Fatema L.    Header Credits Fatema A. (@cosmicweavers) One poem a day is for ohbat my way From 12 months so special, just 9 days My preparations continue in so many ways Formalities of work leave are already done Search for a laundry for ironing has…

August 14, 2020
Core Blog

Part II – Ohbat Out of the Box

Words Munira E.   Header Credits Sakina K. Spiritual Cleansing My fingers shuffle the beads one at a time, Ya Husain, Ya Husain, Ya Husain, but as the incantation increases, the name is etched farther into my soul with each count. I am no longer just saying…

August 13, 2020
Core Blog

Part I – Ohbat Out of the Box

Words Sakina N.    Header Credits Sakina N.  The Ripples of Our Matam Today was Eid-e-Ghadire-khum. As far as days go, it was rather melancholic. The rain was in a constant state of confusion, unable to decide whether to pour or stop. It continued to trickle down…

August 12, 2020

Artist in Focus: Mazher Nizar.

In conversation with Mazher bhai Nizar.   Artwork Mazher bhai Nizar.  What was the spark? As far as I can remember, during my childhood, staying in Mumbai, I saw the large banners surrounded all over, on the buildings of cinemas mostly, and their colours had an…

August 9, 2020
Core Blog Women

Breathe in, breathe out: Is prayer a transaction?

Words and Artwork Zaenab Baisaheba J. Imaduddin. (@zaenabimaduddin) 11 June, 2020  A breath you take and a breath you give. Is this delicately balanced transaction an indication that nothing comes for free, except that which is destined for me? By this reckoning, is not prayer also a…

August 7, 2020
Guest Blog

Her Place

Words Arwa J.   Header Credits Shireen A. (@artistrybyshireen)  This place was the haunt of her childhood where she had been taken when she had no sense of a place except her parent’s arms. This place so close to home yet worlds away from the narrow streets…

August 6, 2020