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Treasure Of Words In An Envelope

August 4, 2020

Words Sakeenah N.  
Art Direction and Paper Art Alifiya S and Stephanie W.



The grip went loose, I’m walking aimlessly,

The mirrors have shattered, making wounds flawlessly,

As they prick, my blood oozes out and so do the tears,

In this place where everyone is just a crowd, arise fears.


I’m standing, waiting for mist to come make me heal,

But it just touches and vanishes, only cold I feel,

The clutches of pain tighten, they creep up my soul,

It stings my heart, burning it making it as black as coal.


The grip went loose, I’m walking aimlessly,

I come across a canopy of stars, I wish hopelessly,

My dreams gather drop by drop, forming a deep sea,

Bitter reality will never turn into a fairytale, even if I plea.


I’m standing there, waiting for a soul to come make me heal,

A shivering hand encases mine, the pain will finally seal,

We look up into each other’s eyes, a contented smile appears,

And all of a sudden, the wounds, the wall, all disappears.


The grip once loose, is mighty now, I’ve at last discovered a new hope,

Words aren’t in need anymore, as its a treasure of words in an envelope.


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