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August 2020

Guest Blog

Treasure Of Words In An Envelope

Words Sakeenah N.   Art Direction and Paper Art Alifiya S and Stephanie W.   The grip went loose, I’m walking aimlessly, The mirrors have shattered, making wounds flawlessly, As they prick, my blood oozes out and so do the tears, In this place where everyone is…

August 4, 2020
Guest Blog

My Ridah is my Armour

Words Safiya A.   Digital Header Fatema A.  I grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Boston. I was one of a few Indian students and I was the only Muslim girl in my class. It was easy to get swept up in the…

August 3, 2020
Core Blog

“Social Media” – Miles to scroll before I sleep

Words Zahra K.   Header Credits Fatema A. (@cosmicweavers)  If airline companies gave free miles for every mile scrolled with a thumb on a touch screen, I would’ve travelled the world by now and still had sufficient left to pass on. My journey with social media began…

August 2, 2020