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September 2020

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Guest Blog

The Least Ordinary – “It’s Debatable”

Words Zahabiyah H.    Header Credits Zainab K. (@zkarkh) Cooking: Experiment vs. Exact Science The Least Ordinary Cooking isn’t my favourite thing to do, but it isn’t my least favourite thing either. It sits between necessity and therapy as a form of disassociated work that allows for…

September 26, 2020
Culinary Adventures Header
Guest Blog

Culinary Adventures (Andaaz Apna Apna) – “It’s Debatable”

Words Tasneem M.    Header Credits Jamila M. (@Jamilamilamila) Cooking: Experiment vs. Exact Science Culinary Adventures (Andaaz Apna Apna) It mystifies me when people try to cook only by thermometers and tape measures and other such empirical tools; mostly because my fondest and earliest memories of food were…

September 23, 2020
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Nurturing A Change – “It’s Debatable”

Words Amatulla Z.    Header Credits Zahra A. (@zahra.amiruddin)  Nature vs. Nurture Nurturing A Change Is change possible? Can I be born one thing and then, through my choices, through the exercise of my own free will, or the watchful guidance of a mentor, can I become…

September 23, 2020
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Nature versus Nurture – “It’s Debatable”

Words Amatullah Y.    Header Credits Zahra A. (@zahra.amiruddin) Nature versus Nurture Every morning begins much the same, the sound of birds chirping fills my days as I get up, wondering what to do stuck in the house and having my world changed so drastically. Life is…

September 22, 2020
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Guest Blog

The Art Of Cooking Science – “It’s Debatable”

Words Nafeesa M.    Header Credits Alifyah M. (@alifsmurt) Cooking: Experiment vs. Exact Science The Art Of Cooking Science I still remember the day I decided to explore my art, try something new, something more abstract. I had my target in mind, it was for someone special…

September 21, 2020
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Guest Blog

Self-expression – “It’s Debatable”

Words Maria P.    Header Credits Havra H. (@havrahajoori)  Cooking: Experiment vs. Exact Science Often, recipes seem like a rulebook for the kitchen. Most of them are incredibly precise, with exact weights or exact amounts of every ingredient mentioned. As a 15 year old with a growing…

September 19, 2020
Core Blog

Dream, until they come true! – “It’s Debatable”

Words Zahra K.    Header Credits Fatema A. (@cosmicweavers) Daydreaming vs. Nightdreaming Dream, until they come true! Daydreaming for me is not only a process of the creative visualisation of my aspirations, but often a portkey to a world that’s better than my own. It is a…

September 15, 2020
July- Art Debate Header Munira Ezzi
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Skills don’t decide art, people do. – “It’s Debatable”

Words Munira E.    Header Credits Sakina N. Art Forms: Contemporary vs. Traditional Skills don’t decide art, people do. I feel there is a common misconception that the artist is divided into two categories: one who knows how to use the paintbrush and one who does not.…

September 14, 2020
July - Art Debate Header Image - Sakina N
Core Blog

Am I Contemporary Enough? – “It’s Debatable”

Words Sakina N.    Header Credits Sakina N.  Follow her work on her Tumblr. Art Forms: Contemporary vs. Traditional Am I Contemporary Enough?  Before we begin this article, I thought it might be useful to clarify the difference between contemporary and modern art. Though the terms are frequently…

September 13, 2020