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Our Minds – “Concrete vs. Jungle”

December 21, 2020

Words Munira E.   
Header Credits Sakina D. (@sakina.dohadwala)


Our minds are now habitats to animal thoughts

we self-talk like venomous snakes

betraying ourselves with doubt


we jump from the branches of one curse to another

like desperate monkeys seeking attention

from no-one else but ourselves


each flaw becomes a gorilla not fit for survival

we jump like bears into battle on each imperfection

turning evolution into extinction


we are wounded by our own chains of self-judgement

the deer of our self-esteem are devoured

by the tigers of our lust for perfection

or else consumed by the lions of negativity


so, the cluttered trees of chaotic feelings

in a small invisible place, grow larger,

creating jungles and placing predators

 where once only lush woodlands grew

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