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Blessings, bounties & beyond – Ashara 1442H

Words Zahra K. (@zahrakudrati) Header Credits Ruqaiyah G. (@ruqs_g) Mufaddal Maula TUS has, time and again, made the most impossible possible for mumineen, with such ease. I am so grateful that I was born in this zamaan. Whoever thought that we would collectively get a chance to…

October 4, 2020
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Nurturing A Change – “It’s Debatable”

Words Amatulla Z.    Header Credits Zahra A. (@zahra.amiruddin)  Nature vs. Nurture Nurturing A Change Is change possible? Can I be born one thing and then, through my choices, through the exercise of my own free will, or the watchful guidance of a mentor, can I become…

September 23, 2020
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Nature versus Nurture – “It’s Debatable”

Words Amatullah Y.    Header Credits Zahra A. (@zahra.amiruddin) Nature versus Nurture Every morning begins much the same, the sound of birds chirping fills my days as I get up, wondering what to do stuck in the house and having my world changed so drastically. Life is…

September 22, 2020
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Dream, until they come true! – “It’s Debatable”

Words Zahra K.    Header Credits Fatema A. (@cosmicweavers) Daydreaming vs. Nightdreaming Dream, until they come true! Daydreaming for me is not only a process of the creative visualisation of my aspirations, but often a portkey to a world that’s better than my own. It is a…

September 15, 2020
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Skills don’t decide art, people do. – “It’s Debatable”

Words Munira E.    Header Credits Sakina N. Art Forms: Contemporary vs. Traditional Skills don’t decide art, people do. I feel there is a common misconception that the artist is divided into two categories: one who knows how to use the paintbrush and one who does not.…

September 14, 2020
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Am I Contemporary Enough? – “It’s Debatable”

Words Sakina N.    Header Credits Sakina N.  Follow her work on her Tumblr. Art Forms: Contemporary vs. Traditional Am I Contemporary Enough?  Before we begin this article, I thought it might be useful to clarify the difference between contemporary and modern art. Though the terms are frequently…

September 13, 2020
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Part II – Ohbat Out of the Box

Words Munira E.   Header Credits Sakina K. Spiritual Cleansing My fingers shuffle the beads one at a time, Ya Husain, Ya Husain, Ya Husain, but as the incantation increases, the name is etched farther into my soul with each count. I am no longer just saying…

August 13, 2020
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Part I – Ohbat Out of the Box

Words Sakina N.    Header Credits Sakina N.  The Ripples of Our Matam Today was Eid-e-Ghadire-khum. As far as days go, it was rather melancholic. The rain was in a constant state of confusion, unable to decide whether to pour or stop. It continued to trickle down…

August 12, 2020
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Breathe in, breathe out: Is prayer a transaction?

Words and Artwork Zaenab Baisaheba J. Imaduddin. (@zaenabimaduddin) 11 June, 2020  A breath you take and a breath you give. Is this delicately balanced transaction an indication that nothing comes for free, except that which is destined for me? By this reckoning, is not prayer also a…

August 7, 2020