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“Social Media” – A Whatsapp Girl Chat

Words Amatulla Z.   Header Credits Alefiya S. Maria sat in the masjid and listened to what the young, earnest seminary student was saying. There were historical references, and geographical references and references to various tribes and dynasties. The masjid was too hot upstairs where the women…

June 29, 2019
We will meet again

Fiction – ‘We will meet again’

Words Sakeenah N.   Digital Art Sakina K. Prologue -11.02 19th July- He said, ‘I want you to disappear.’ I said, ‘I believe we will meet again. Even if you don’t.’ He said, ‘This could have been true. But I don’t care’ I said, ‘It doesn’t matter,…

March 20, 2018
fiction writing header

A Piece of Fiction: Sunflower

Words Arwa A, Batul S and Maria Y.   Digital Art Batul S. Present The bedroom looked strange. Someone was here. She heard a shuffle of footsteps from the back of the room, which was cloaked in darkness. Sonia took one step forward and then two steps…

January 3, 2018