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Faatir – Ashara 1442H

Words Amatulla Z.    Header Credits Alifiya M. (@alifillusions) August 18th 2020, pehli raat actually, was the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th amendment to the constitution in the United States. This historic legislation gave women the right to vote, a much-celebrated milestone in womens’…

October 26, 2020
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This Year – Ashara 1442H

Words Zainab H.    Header Credits Husayn S. (@husaynshaakir) The auspicious days of Ashara Mubaraka are always a new and pious start to a wonderful year. In fact, according to me, they’re a guide on how to live our years from thereon. This year Ashara Mubaraka was…

October 23, 2020
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Ashara 1442H

Header Credits Alaifiyah J. (@create_and_escape) Words Zahabiya K.   Is vaba me bhi Barakat chupi hui hai  Dekho mumin ke gharo ko kaise masjid bana chuki hai  Har ghar me ek imam, Ramazan o Muharram  Azaan ki awaaz aur Husain ka pur josh matam  Is vaba…

October 16, 2020
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The Bountiful Season – Ashara 1442H

Words and Header Credits Amatullah Y. (@aayusufali)    In the Abbasid Era, many people came from all over the world to Karbala for the ziarat of Imam HusainAS. The governor of Karbala did not like the pilgrimage of the shia who came and decreed that of…

October 15, 2020
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The Aftermath – Ashara 1442H

Words Zainab Shakir.     Header Credits @arinum_sarabar Ashara Mubarak was a memorable event which every mumin cherished dearly with their hearts, as it was commenced in their houses for the first time in history.   The bounties of the heavens and angels were descended upon every home…

October 12, 2020
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Blessings, bounties & beyond – Ashara 1442H

Words Zahra K. (@zahrakudrati) Header Credits Ruqaiyah G. (@ruqs_g) Mufaddal Maula TUS has, time and again, made the most impossible possible for mumineen, with such ease. I am so grateful that I was born in this zamaan. Whoever thought that we would collectively get a chance to…

October 4, 2020
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What it means to be a woman of faith – Ashara 1442H

Words Umme Salama M.    Header Credits Ruqaiyah G. (@ruqs_g) Since my early teenage years as a tinkering ‘feminist’, I’ve always struggled with the act of covering in the Western world. I spent most of my high school and early college in constant worry and self-doubt about…

October 2, 2020
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The Least Ordinary – “It’s Debatable”

Words Zahabiyah H.    Header Credits Zainab K. (@zkarkh) Cooking: Experiment vs. Exact Science The Least Ordinary Cooking isn’t my favourite thing to do, but it isn’t my least favourite thing either. It sits between necessity and therapy as a form of disassociated work that allows for…

September 26, 2020
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Culinary Adventures (Andaaz Apna Apna) – “It’s Debatable”

Words Tasneem M.    Header Credits Jamila M. (@Jamilamilamila) Cooking: Experiment vs. Exact Science Culinary Adventures (Andaaz Apna Apna) It mystifies me when people try to cook only by thermometers and tape measures and other such empirical tools; mostly because my fondest and earliest memories of food were…

September 23, 2020