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In Conversation with Jumana Ben H.

In conversation with Jumana Ben H.    Illustration Sakina K. It unfolds like a story. It’s nice. I never thought I’d enjoy it but I am. Tell us about your current position and how long you’ve been at it? At present I am doing intensive care…

February 19, 2017

In Conversation with Munira Ben R.

In conversation with Munira Ben R.   Photography Alifiya Z. S. Foreword Batul S.  Many before us have claimed that being an educator is nothing short of nobility. Nobility is a loaded word but Munira Ben embraces it with dedication matched by few others. Munira Ben…

December 11, 2016

In Conversation with Rumana Ben C.

In conversation with Rumana Ben C.   Artwork Alifiya Z. S.  Rumana Ben is fascinated by human behavior and can sit for hours observing people. She feels blessed to be working in a profession she is so passionate about.  Behind this serious look is actually a…

November 8, 2016

In Conversation with Zaenab Bensaab Imaduddin

In conversation with Zaenab BS Imaduddin Foreword Fatema A.  Foreword: Zaenab Bensaab is truly one of the most inspiring women I have had the fortune to meet. When I first came on board to be a part of her vision, “route to success”, I was…

September 4, 2016
Duriya Aunty Header-01

In Conversation with Durriyah Ben S.

In conversation with Durriyah Ben A. S. Foreword and Illustration Fatema Durriyah Ben is the Senior Executive at a renowned publishing house- and a lover of all things duck. She already knows the title of her book- “I think I’ll be a duck!” The first thing she…

August 13, 2016