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Madagascar- A Piece of Paradise

Photography Zahabia B. Zahabia B. is from North of Madagascar, a city called Diego Suarez. She stayed in Mauritius Island for 3 years to complete her bachelors before moving to the UAE- currently doing her Masters and studying languages, which she claims as one of…

November 2, 2016


Here is a short 15-20 min routine to rid yourself of the small kinks and pains. Do them preferably both in the morning and at night before bed. Begin in the posture above. Sit with both legs stretched out, pressing both your heels together.…

October 2, 2016

Remembering Husain AS

Cover Photo by Murtaza K- Toronto Maria R- Singapore Karbala The land where it all ended and where it all began. The land with history so rich, money can never buy. The land of hopes so high, going beyond the blood-red skies. The land of…

September 28, 2016

Fatema A.- Antarctica

The Coldest, Driest, Windiest Place on Earth. Also the most breathtaking. It was truly an adventure of a lifetime. There’s nothing more magical than Mother Nature at it’s purest- untouched, unfazed by humans.  …

September 6, 2016

Kitchen Fails

Once when I was home alone, I planned to make some chicken curry. I started with the recipe and it was my first time. I followed the recipe as shown on YouTube. All the ingredients were in the cooker as per the instructions. I…

August 30, 2016
Mactan Island, Philippines

Djoumana A.- South East Asia

Words and Photograph Djoumana  Travelling through Southeast Asia has been one of the most enriching experiences. Each country has its own uniqueness,  atmosphere,  and culture. If I had to compare with western countries, Southeast Asian countries remain attached to their beliefs and traditions no matter how…

August 17, 2016