Kitchen Fails

August 30, 2016

Once when I was home alone, I planned to make some chicken curry. I started with the recipe and it was my first time. I followed the recipe as shown on YouTube. All the ingredients were in the cooker as per the instructions. I locked it and left for cooking. After 15 minutes I opened the shut off the stove and opened the cooker in excitement! There was a second. And then another. And it was a blast of curry chicken! All over my kitchen! Needless to say, I had no idea I needed to wait for the cooker to cool down.

Yusuf L.

I tried baking boiled egg in an oven, and this is what happened:img_4330


I was trying to make lentil soup and I had to use the pressure cooker for the lentils. So I poured water into the cooker and left it to cook. Apparently, I poured too much water in the cooker so while it was cooking and whistling, water kept spurting out. I couldn’t really do anything but keep my distance from the cooker. After it was finally done, I waited for a good half hour before I tried opening the lid to let it cool off. Because of my stupid mistake of pouring too much water in the beginning, when I tried opening the cooker, open it did. But oh my god everything splashed onto my face, clothes and on the kitchen floor. Thank God the contents weren’t hot since I waited long to open it or I would haves scalded my face. Lesson learnt. Don’t use any kitchen equipment unless you know how to operate it. 😂

Insiya K.

I had to fry popiahs for my dadi during ramzaan. And in ramzaan there are many other things to do like ironing clothes and pack bags. Nearing leaving time, I switched on the gas to ensure the pan was dry before I put oil so there would be no splashing of oil. And then someone asked me to help for something. Being as forgetful as I am, I went to do my school work. 10 to 15 minutes later the whole kitchen and living room was full of smoke.That’s when I realised that the gas was still on. The pan was definitely dry but it was burnt so bad at the bottom and the handle came loose as well.

Sakina K.

When I started baking I didn’t really know much. I heated the chocolate and butter to melt it and get the consistency required. I then accidentally added egg into the still warm mixture. Long story short, I had cooked egg in my brownie.

Khadija K.

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