Ashara 1438H

Anecdote 2- Qusai B. (Los Angeles)

September 30, 2016


I was in high school and wanted to take time off for Ashara. Most of my teachers were on board and gave me work to do while I was gone to help me keep pace. However, my Math teacher was giving me a hard time. He said something along the lines of, “Oh, are all 6 million Muslims going to this meetup? No? Then you don’t have to go”. I told him I did have to go, it’s a part of my religion.  The remedy to this was a letter from bhaisaab telling the teacher to excuse me for Ashara. Once I had made it official, I didn’t really have any problems. If, by any chance, my teacher decided to cause me further trouble, I would have gone to the principal. It is illegal for any teacher or school to prevent you from taking a religious holiday. When I came back, nothing was different. My grades weren’t affected either and the teacher didn’t hold it against me either.



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