Ashara 1438H

Ashara Mubaraka Houston

October 9, 2016

Words Sakeenah N.
Photography Mustafa K.




‘Ashara Mubaraka’– The moment I hear these words, a thousand doors open in my mind. The first time I ever attended Ashara with Aqa Maula (TUS) was in Houston last year. I had gone to Houston with my father and had stayed for two days, gratefully attending two waazes. Even though I stayed only two days, my experiences were by far the best in my book.

I had been allotted a place in mawaid for 4thi taarikh and when I saw my pass, I did feel a little low since I wanted to make the best out of my two days, I tried calling the helpdesk and asking for a change but nothing could be done. I kept my hope high and after the helpdesk managed to convince me- “Aapna deedar thaase, Maula padharse fikar na karo.” It calmed me down. Until, after the waaz ended. In a whisk of a moment there was commotion to sit in the first row. I was the sixth or seventh person sitting from the barricade and dhakka khata khata I became the second. I was very close up. And the aim for that day had been achieved. One of the best deedar of Aqa Maula (TUS).

5mi taarikh was the day I was supposed to catch my flight back, after the waaz. And for that day I had been allotted a place in the masjid. When I went upstairs I saw another ben sitting on my place, when she saw my confusion she said she needs the ‘taika ni jagah’ and asked me to sit on her place a few spaces away. I agreed, but told her “Deedar vaste mane yaha ubha thava deso?” and she gladly agreed. When the clock ticked to the time of waaz, ane Maula padhara, she let me squeeze in and asked me, “Tamein yaha si cho?” I refused and told her I came from Dubai. The she asked, “Kitna din vaste yaha cho?” and that’s when I realized that I’m leaving today and don’t know if I’ll get to come again and listen to Maula educate us to be a perfect mumin. I said “Maari aaje waaz baad Dubai ni flight che.” And she replied saying “Ajab Maula ni rehmat che, kaha kaha si sagla khechai ne aave che, bhale 2 divas hoi.”

Jivaare Maula padhaara, I couldn’t control my tears. I cried and cried, dil bhaari hatu kem ke pachu javanu hatu. When people started to settle, I turned to my place but that ben said “Kai nai, aur thori vaar ubha raho.”

The same way after the waaz ended she let me squeeze in and do my final deedar. At the end, I thanked her ane ehna si haath milavi ne dua ma yaad karva nu kidu. She wished me a safe flight and I left. I left with contentment.

Ashara Mubaraka to me is the ‘cave of experiences’ in getting a step closer to Aqa Maula (TUS). It is searching for Aqa Maula’s ehsaan in the smallest incidents. Gathering pearls of memories and education from each bayaan. It doesn’t matter where you are, you just need to feel it inside your soul and assure yourself ke Maula ni nazar apna par che. And finally, it is about remembering- Ye azaa-e- Husaini ye matam, gham ka khaima mere huzoor se hein.



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