Ashara 1439H

Ashara 1439H- Art

September 17, 2017

The tragedy of Imam Husain is an omnipresent and evergreen zikr for every age – from birth to the death of universe. Just as it is a zikr for every age – from birth to death of every mumin and muminah.
These submissions epitomise how the zikr of Husain is brimming in our very souls, and inevitably pours out through every mode of expression, be it a stroke of a brush or click of a shutter.

Fatema Josh

“My heart wounds and my tears pour when I think of Yaume Ashura! The mourning sky and the dreadful air, shatters my heart. I can imagine the screams of Ahle Bayt and helplessness of Dul Dul. Aina Anta Ya Hussain?  Aina Anta Ya Hussain ?” 


“Ya Qamar Bane Hashim! The Furaat mourns to this date for not serving Your last wish!”



Tasneem Shehabi



Lubaina Bhujwala





Amatullah Zakir

 “Our hearts were like stones before. But, Burhanuddin Moula RA made our hearts pure & soft. As we listen to the tragedy of Imam Hussain AS, our hearts start pumping fast. Our hearts become delicate and sensitive as crystals. When we shed one drop of tear, the crystal breaks and we begin to cry a puddle. “


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  • Reply Mclief September 17, 2017 at 4:41 pm

    The grief n pain of a true mumin is palpable in the words that have gushed out from these wailing souls n morning hearts like rivuletes of crimson blood.
    I wish i could find appropriate tesr wrenching words to portray like them

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