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“Books” – A Novel Poem

November 17, 2017

Words Maria R.  
Digital Art Alifiya S


Pursuing a Bachelor’s in Linguistics, Maria knows exactly when her name is pronounced wrong. It’s an approximant guys, you know, the upside down [ɹ]…nevermind.

The Art of Adapting

Takes a little while to master

But when you finally get the hang of it

Who can really stop you after


The Mother cares

The mother cries

Her son was killed  

A part of her died


Walk with me

A Walk Across The Sun

Burn your feet and engulf your soul

You won’t be the only one


A shot in the dark

A Shot Through The Heart

A clear pass

You took a part


The Girl Before

Stood in this very house

She lurks within

And she lurks about


A girl’s violation

By the devil’s hand

Met with justice in

The Garden Of Burning Sand


Shattered beginning

Memories, a haze

Fix the puzzle pieces

Then And Always


Mother and daughter

Father and mystery

Love and Gelato

Romance and Italy


First love

Opportunities gone

Finding closure

Play Our Song

Titles and Authors:

The Art of Adapting: a novel – Cassandra Dunn

The Mother: a novel – Yvvette Edwards

A Walk Across the Sun: a novel – Corban Addison

Shot Through the Heart – Isabelle Grey
The Girl Before – JP Delaney

The Garden of Burning Sand – Corban Addison

Then and Always: a novel – Dani Atkins

Love & Gelato – Jenna Evans Welch

Our Song – Dani Atkins


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