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“Food” – Food Is Bae

December 22, 2017

Words Mubaraka H.  
Digital Art Alifiya S.


‘Food, huh?’

this little brain inside my stomach

blobs into a twisted array

when somebody tells me

that food

is not their bae.


Oh I wish you could see

how cheddar cheese

in all its golden glory

oozing out of my Jucy Lucy

is enough to drip

into every crevice and crack

carved into my heart

by your definition of baes;

how it fills them with effortless ease

and unlike him… it stays.


Please tell me it’s not just me

when they take a majestic looking oreo,

fry it until it frizzles into a royal brown

enthrone it with a crown

of cream cheese and chocolate syrup,

its imperial aroma

sending me into a perpetual coma.


And about those long slim dancing potatoes

never in a box would they uniformly stand

reminding me how fitting in

should never be my plan.

with a crispy little smirk

offering me their inner softness

they make me smile with their tantalizing prowess.


So now it’s upon you to determine,

whether your bae is better,

or mine?


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