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“Food” – Movies and Food

December 29, 2017

Words Zahabiyah A.  
Digital Art Sakina K.


Certain movies call for certain treats to fully enjoy the experience; the themes you see and hear resemble what is being fed to your other senses and the experience is well worth the effort to get it right. Here’s a definitive guide to eating right for some of the stuff you might be watching this season:

Love, Actually: If you eat anything but a full English roast with this movie, you’re a heathen. There’s a possibility that you could get away with British snack and junk foods, like a Jaffa cake, some scones and tea or salt and vinegar crisps (Google first, never wing it if you don’t know what I’m talking about), but talk to me about salted caramel anything, processed cow derivatives or anything blue in colour and I’m throwing the laptop at your face, and no mistake.

The Muppets Christmas Carol: Preferably Dickensian fare, because a more faithful representation of Victorian London is practically impossible to find, but if you can’t manage whatever horrors they made before proper hygiene and food standards were the order of the day, then I guess like ice cream will do. But only if you eat it with fingerless mittens like the poor Cratchit’s would have had to.

Elf: I’ve never seen this one so feel free, FOR THIS MOVIE ONLY, to follow your instincts. From the look of it, you’d have to go with sophisticated treats to compliment the aesthetic.

Mad Max Fury Road: Raw meat.

Chocolat: Bread. Because it’s set in France, guys I really shouldn’t need to explain this one.

20th Century Women: As long as you have bell bottoms on you can eat anything that will trigger a real and honest response in your gut, like for me that means kalamro.

Romantic comedies: Just avoid eating anything that will get stuck in your teeth, it will really wreck how successfully you can imagine yourself living in the economically viable, socially fulfilling and irreproachably well-defined world you’re watching.

Any movie with any form of superhero in it: Popcorn and anything that will make your brain freeze, because you won’t be needing it.

Anything with Meryl Streep in it: I’m sorry, how can you be eating and taking notes on how to live/clapping at the same time, that makes no sense.



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