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In The Loge by Mary Cassatt

March 25, 2019

Words Sakina M.  
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We are kicking off a new round of blog posts and this time we’ve focused on how art inspires art. Our next month’s pieces will take as their inspiration female artists and their work. Our own female artists, our writers, have used this inspiration to write fiction or personal narratives that take what you see and imagine what you can’t. Prepare for short and not so short posts on love, loss and what’s behind the frame.

 Elizabeth Williams was a woman of habit. Every day, a servant tied her corset at 8:00 am. By 8:23, white satin gloves slipped on Elizabeth’s hand. 9:00 am, her lady friends arrived and the day dragged on into clouds of gossip and tea.

    “They’re unbearable,” she thought. “If only we could go abroad and never look back,” Elizabeth looked at her husband Howard and smiled. “One day we’ll go on a great adventure,” he assured her.

  The clock struck 7 at night. The maid fastened a black gown to Elizabeth’s thin frame. “Going to a funeral, darling?” asked Howard. She chuckled. The maid laughed a small nervous laugh.

   A fan in hand, Elizabeth stepped into the car. The driver, recognizing the time 7:30, made his way to the opera.

   Eyes of the theatre focused on the single point of the artist. All except one. As the opera sang a tale of love, Elizabeth felt Howard’s gaze. She turned her head, locking eyes with her beloved. The singer’s tale mourned the death of her love. Elizabeth moved her sight.

   Afterwards, Elizabeth and Howard talked about the opera, the absurdity of it all. A maid walked in, and with a puzzling look asked “Ma’am, who is it you’re talking to?” Slowly Elizabeth turned her head, and smiled “To Howard of course!”

   Feet bare, Elizabeth made her way to the bridge. This place. The place of the accident. Her long legs slipped easily over the railing. Water raged below. “Come darling,” said Howard, “Ready for the adventure?”


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