August 28, 2019

Photography Sakina N.


I found it on a radiant day

after a long drifting.

It was green and blossoming

as the sun over palm trees

scattered golden bouquets;

April was generous that season

with loving and sun.

I found it

after a long wandering.

It was a tender evergreen bough

where birds took shelter,

a bough bending gently under storms

which later was straight again,

rich with sap,

never snapping in the wind’s hand.

It stayed supple

as if there were no bad weather,

echoing the brightness of stars,

the gentle breeze,

the dew and the clouds.

I found it

on a vivid summer day

after a long straying,

a tedious search.

It was a quiet lake

where thirsty human wolves

and swirling winds could only briefly

disturb the waters.

Then they would clear again like crystal

to be the moon’s mirror,

swimming place of light and blue,

bathing pool for the guardian stars.

I found it!

And now when the storms wail

and the face of the sun is masked in clouds,

when my shining fate revolves to dark,

my light will never be extinguished!

Everything that shadowed my life

wrapping it with night after night

has disappeared, lain down

in memory’s grave,

since the day

my soul found

my soul.

I FOUND IT by Fadwa Tuqan

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