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Past & Future – “Concrete vs. Jungle”

December 11, 2020

Words Nafisa C.   
Header Credits Jamila M. (@Jamilamilamila)


Bygone has the late hour;

The dusk sets low on the clouds, barely a promise;

a new dawn is over the horizon.

Past is a mere fragment, residing in the memories,

conscious looms at the peculiarity.

What waits is the future;

The fragile unknown, barely a motion away from change.

Past is alive, like the sun lighting the path

The future – a thick mist obscuring what lies ahead.

Memories of the better days – an anchor

Keeping afloat amongst the tides of the unfamiliar.

The past keeps me alive,

For it is the assurance of reality.

But the future; an imagination

a castle in the wind, a whiff and it tumbles.

Yesterday is an affectionate caress,

A lullaby for the heaviest of nights.

A slumber of a child,

Blissfully unaware of the mighty unknowns.

Tomorrow is a dive

In the deep and dark waters, fate concealed.

Sand in the palm,

Slipping into oblivion.

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