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Art and Tazeen Compilation Part 2

Art Credits  Swipe left to view more images #1 Mariya Sh. Abizar Patanwala Instagram: @mariyabizar #2 Ruqaiyah Jambusarwala #3 Maryam Mufaddal Kagazwala #4 Ammar Abbasi #5 Kulsoom Mustafa #6 Rashida Saifuddin #7 Zahabia Kamus #8   Alefiya Taher Sadikot Instagram: @alef_ya #9  Sakina Rangwala Munira Rangwala…

October 19, 2020
Art Artists

Art and Tazeen Compilation Part 1

Art Credits  Swipe left to view more images #1 and #2 Alaifiyah Jameel Instagram: @create_and_escape #3 Husayn Shakir Instagram: @husaynshaakir #4 Husain Badri #5 Fatema Aqil #6 Ajab Munir #7 #8  #9 #10 Fatima Khambati Instagram: @fatimas_art_studio…

October 8, 2020

Artist in Focus: Mazher Nizar.

In conversation with Mazher bhai Nizar.   Artwork Mazher bhai Nizar.  What was the spark? As far as I can remember, during my childhood, staying in Mumbai, I saw the large banners surrounded all over, on the buildings of cinemas mostly, and their colours had an…

August 9, 2020


Photography Sakina N. I found it on a radiant day after a long drifting. It was green and blossoming as the sun over palm trees scattered golden bouquets; April was generous that season with loving and sun. I found it after a long wandering.…

August 28, 2019

Artist in Focus: Fatema H. J.

*SCROLL LEFT* In conversation with Fatema Ben. H. J.   Fatema Josh is an accomplished Artist, a Montessori Directress, a qualified Graphic Designer and a dedicated homemaker, whose life revolves around her family and her dreams. As you walk into her space, you are greeted…

March 6, 2017

Artist in Focus: Zainab S.

In conversation with Zainab S. Photography Fatema A. Zainab Ben is currently in Jakarta, Indonesia where she resides with her husband and two sons. Her many passions include embroidery, painting knick-knacks, and taking immense pleasure designing her house. Walking in transports you back in time to the homes…

November 1, 2016

Fatema A.- Antarctica

The Coldest, Driest, Windiest Place on Earth. Also the most breathtaking. It was truly an adventure of a lifetime. There’s nothing more magical than Mother Nature at it’s purest- untouched, unfazed by humans.  …

September 6, 2016

Artist in Focus: Tasneem

Tasneem is a student of optometry. In the few minutes that I exchanged with her over call, her love for calligraphy was palpable. She’s always been fascinated by the calligraphy she’s seen in miqaats, on our flags, or behind Maula’s takhat. Needless to say…

August 21, 2016

Djoumana A.- South East Asia

Words and Photograph Djoumana  Travelling through Southeast Asia has been one of the most enriching experiences. Each country has its own uniqueness,  atmosphere,  and culture. If I had to compare with western countries, Southeast Asian countries remain attached to their beliefs and traditions no matter how…

August 17, 2016

Artist in Focus: Sakina K.

These pictures that I capture are a glimpse of what I see in my everyday life. The little hidden details and odd subjects are always exciting and add to my ever growing love for photography.…

August 17, 2016